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Chapter Three, Short Version, Part 3 by WillemSvdMerwe
Chapter Three, Short Version, Part 3

The Disenchanted Kingdom, Chapter Three - Short Version


(Part Three: Glimpse of a Dryad)


Valerie enjoys the newness of her surroundings, drinking up the sights and sounds.  Some of the creatures are more strange and magical than others.  Walking through the forest, she glimpses a dryad, ducking behind a tree!  Bridget says that she is very fortunate to have seen it at all.  Dryads only reveal themselves to people they trust to be benevolent. 


They reach the village as the sun sets.  Lankuslau is a simple town of unsophisticated people, but the people look happy and self-sufficient.  Bridget is staying in a hotel and rents rooms for the sisters there as well.  The next day they will meet with the oracle, and supply themselves for their quest.


Chapter Three, Short Version, Part 2 by WillemSvdMerwe
Chapter Three, Short Version, Part 2

The Disenchanted Kingdom, Chapter Three (Short Version)


(Part Two: Strange Yet Familiar Creatures)


Along the way to the village, Valerie is charmed by the variety of living things they encounter: trees, insects, birds and more.  They’re in a way very similar to the animals and plants she knows from her family’s farm in her home world, but also refreshingly different … brighter, bolder, seeming larger-than-life.  Bridget tells her and Vivienne the names of the creatures, such as the Stortur Yews and the Velvarille Woodpecker.  She says that this part of the new world is indeed similar to Valerie’s home world, but things will likely become stranger the further they progress on the quest.  Also, the new world, even if it looks similar, has a strikingly different underlying nature.  They will need to learn about it as they go.

Chapter Three Short Version, Part 1 by WillemSvdMerwe
Chapter Three Short Version, Part 1

The Disenchanted Kingdom, Chapter Three


(Part One: Sister in the Bracken)

 Valerie wakes up, finding herself on a grassy knoll, not sure how she got there, and surprised by how real everything suddenly looks and feels … but why shouldn’t it?  She sees someone struggling in a patch of bracken.  Running over to help, she finds that it is Vivienne!  The sight of her sister awakens her memory and she remembers Bridget and the Metaverse.  Vivienne is very wobbly, being ‘embodied’ again after such a long time.  Bridget comes to meet them; she is staying at a small town not far away.  Valerie finds it very strange to think that, to the people living here, this is simply ‘the world’ – they don’t know about any other!  But there is magic in this new, other world.  In the town there is an Oracle, who is going to help them get started with the adventure to which this world has called them.

African Stonechat by WillemSvdMerwe
African Stonechat
I'm indebted to my friend Sandrie de Wet for the original photo I used as reference.  This is a male African Stonechat, Saxicola torquatus.  It has recently been recognized as a separate species from the European Stonechat, Saxicola rubicola.  Its name is not for its occurrence in rocky regions (indeed, it is often found in the mountains) but for its call, which typically has two clicking sounds like stones being knocked together, followed by a whistle.  Stonechats are common here in South Africa, and very pretty birds to see.  Females are somewhat drabber than the males.  Acrylic.
Hello folks!  I have just submitted the first chapter of my novel The Disenchanted Kingdom here!  I put up two versions: a short version, for those of you who don't have the time or inclination for reading big stories here on DA, and also a long version, in PDF format.  The short version will give you the story, if you're in a 'just the facts' mindset, but the long version will give you (I hope) a pleasant reading experience.  I'd like to know if any of you are able to download this version and read it on an Ebook reader?  I would welcome all feedback.  Lots more to come!  I've created a gallery especially for this novel.


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Willem van der Merwe
South Africa
I was born in 1972, Pretoria, South Africa. I started painting and drawing at the age of 5. I stopped doing that for a while to study some other fields, but recently I've been getting back into it. I love wildlife and nature but I also paint or draw people. I also paint and draw fantasy creatures or scenes, as well as extinct animals.

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